Chunky Puff Stitch Cowl – Free Pattern

I am back with another free pattern! This is actually so easy it’s sad to believe I only came up with it now.


I’ve never understood why some pattern designers try to sell patterns that are so easy. I personally don’t think it is fair. This pattern took me maybe 10 minutes to figure out and about 2 hours to make the first one, and it turned out perfectly! Anyone could have come up with it!

This pattern is extremely easy once you figure out how to make the “puff stitch”. Other than that, you won’t need to know much other than how to chain, join/work in rounds, and single crochet.



  • 2 balls of Lion Brand Thick n Quick
  • P/10.00 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Begin by chaining 52. Join to the very first chain with a slip stitch, being careful not to twist the chain.

Once joined, chain 1 and single crochet in the next chain from the hook. Single crochet all the way around. Join with a slip stitch to the beginning chain of the round.

Now this is the puff stitch part. Here is an awesome video tutorial on how to do the puff stitch. I will try my best to explain how to do a puff stitch too:

  • yarn over (two loops on hook)
  • insert hook into chain
  • yarn over and pull through
  • yarn over (second time)
  • insert hook into same stitch
  • yarn over and pull through
  • yarn over (third time)
  • insert hook into same stitch
  • yarn over and pull through
  • yarn over and pull through all loops except last two
  • yarn over and pull through last two loops

It may seem like a lot of steps, but trust me, it works up really fast once you get the hang of it. For this particular cowl we will only be drawing up 3 extra loops for our puff stitch! Some patterns keep going all the way to 10 extra loops, but this is super chunky yarn we are working with, so 3 extra loops is plenty.

For the remainder of the cowl you are going to complete 12 rounds of puff stitches. To start each round, begin with chaining 1. Complete your first puff stitch in the joining stitch of the previous round.

After you complete your first puff stitch, chain 1. Skip one stitch and complete a puff stitch in the next stitch. So you are pretty much doing chain 1, skip one, puff stitch, chain 1, skip one, puff stitch, and so on all the way around the cowl.

Once you get back to the beginning of the round, you are going to join with a slip stitch in the top of the first puff stitch. It may seem like a weird place to join, but if you join in the first chain of the round or any other place, your seam will end up being shorter in length than the rest of the cowl and look cinched at the seam. Joining to the top of the puff stitch provides a very seamless look to the finished cowl.

After you have completed 12 rounds of the puff stitches, the last round will be a simple single crochet around to match the first round of the cowl.

Weave in and knot your ends, and ta daa! You now have a fabulous, super chunky and cozy cowl. See what I mean? Super easy pattern. And seriously not fair to charge people to tell them “chain 52, 12 rounds of puff stitch, done” and that’s it.


Not a crocheter? Lucky for you I have a custom order listing in my Etsy shop! Tag me on Instagram so I can see your finished puff stitch cowls @strings.and.things




4 thoughts on “Chunky Puff Stitch Cowl – Free Pattern

  1. I love this. SO simple! This is one of those patterns that I always think to myself that I will make but never have the yarn for! (Or the weather…tropical Australia – SIGH) But I always manage to fool myself into thinking it will be cold enough for long enough and put it on my list anyway…


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