Granny Square Triangle Scarf – Free Pattern!

You might as well go to your local yarn store and buy a ton of yarn right now, because I can guarantee you will not be able to stop making these.


For the longest time, crocheting triangles seemed impossible. I couldn’t figure out how to make such a sharp point. It’s honestly a little embarrassing how long this took me to do! I found a similar pattern a while ago and I never got past the third step because I didn’t see the triangle taking shape, so I thought I was making a mistake somewhere. Finally I just sat down and tinkered with the pattern and voila, a large triangle was made.

See? Look at how happy I am that I figured out how to crochet a triangle!

You can get away with making a medium sized triangle with one skein of Caron Cakes (my new personal favourite yarn). Want to try making something a little bigger? Just keep adding more rows! I am in the process of making another one of these out of the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn. I am only about half way through the ball so far and it’s almost as big as the one I made with the Caron Cake yarn, so we will see!

What you will need:

  • Pretty much any hook between a 4.5mm – 6.00mm
    • I used a J/10-6.00mm
    • Gauge does not matter for this pattern
  • At least 350 meters of worsted weight yarn
    • The more yarn you use, the bigger your triangle
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

How to start:

  • In a magic circle [ ch 2, dc 2, ch 2, dc 3 ] pull circle tight, ch 2, turn
    • You should have two double crochet clusters with a ch2 space in the middle
  • Dc 2 into the first stitch from the last round, work [ dc 3, ch 2, dc 3 ] in the ch 2 space, dc 3 into the space between the dc and the ch 2 from the beginning previous round, ch 2, turn
    • You should have 4 double crochet clusters
  • Dc 2 into the first stitch from the last round, dc 3 in the space between the two double crochet clusters from the previous round, work [ dc 3, ch 2, dc 3 ] in the ch 2 space, dc 3 into the space between the two double crochet clusters from the previous round, dc 3 into the space between the dc and the ch 2 from the beginning previous round, ch 2, turn

Keep repeating this pattern, adding two double crochet clusters for every row, until you are happy with the size of your triangle. I managed to make 28 rows with my Caron Cakes yarn before I needed to stop in order to save enough yarn to make my tassels!


Once you are satisfied with your triangle width, weave in your tails and get creative! You could leave this scarf plain the way it is, or you could add some fun tassels! I made three large tassels for each corner of my scarf and I love the way it turned out. Each tassel was about 4-5 inches, so it added a lot of length to my scarf.

Like I said, you are going to have a hard time NOT making these. Try using some chunky yarn and see what happens! Lace weight? That could take quite a while but I’m sure it would be beautiful.

I want to see your beautiful creations, so use the hashtag #grannytrianglescarf so I can see your marvelous work!


Thanks for reading, and happy crocheting – xoxoΒ 


46 thoughts on “Granny Square Triangle Scarf – Free Pattern!

  1. Beautiful! I am however waiting with baited breath for more marvel squares. I’m making it for my grandson for Christmas. Do you think you will have realeased them all before then? They are great and work up so quickly, best ones I’ve seen.


    1. I cut out a whole bunch of pieces of yarn that were about 7 inches long and then folded them in half. After they were folded in half I fed another strand of yarn through the fold to keep it nice and organized and also so I had something to attach it to the scarf. Then I used another strand of yarn to tie a knot around the entire bundle of strands about 1cm from the fold! Hopefully that makes sense?

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  2. If possible could you please give me alternative directions to start without using the magic circle? Thank you. I love your pattern and the yarn you chose and would love to try to make this but I have not had good success with the magic circle.


    1. I find the magic circle to be the best method to start, as it creates a nice even, flat edge to start your scarf. An alternate method some people prefer to use is chaining 2 and then completing what you would do in the magic circle just in the second chain from the hook. This method isn’t as tidy as the magic circle, and can sometimes leave a bit of a bumpy edge to your work, but you can always give it a try!


  3. Had a blue/gray/beige caron cake yarn laying around. I didn’t know what to do with it. Saw your pattern and finished it in 2 days! It’s amazing! Thanks for the pattern!


  4. I loved making this!!
    – I used 2 skeins of Mandala Genie by Lion Brand
    – I chose against the tassels, opting instead to do a single crochet in each stitch
    – It came out to 62ish rows
    I was wondering if you would mind others selling or donating their finished products if they credit you for the pattern? I loved how this worked up so simply and fairly quickly, too — though I dragged it out for 2 weeks. I can definitely see making more — but I only need the one for myself, haha.
    Thanks in advance.


      1. Thank you, so very much!! I’m working on writing up a post which will include photos of the scarf, though I also found you on Instagram, added and tagged you in the only photo I have of it thus far. Enlisting my spouse’s help with better photos today.


  5. Hey girl! ! Stumbled on your post while browsing through pinterest! Beautiful scarf and wonderful blog! Great job πŸ™‚


  6. Hi, could you please give me finished measurements> I used a J hook and it does not look as wide or long as yours. I used a whole caron cake


    1. I would say mine is about 5.5 feet across the top! I can hold it from arm to arm fully stretched out. Which Caron cake did you use? Some of their new styles are thicker and don’t have as much yardage.


      1. So it was just a regular cake then? Not a “Tea Cake” or “Sprinkle Cake”? Because those ones don’t have as much yardage. Maybe your tension is tighter than mine? I even had enough to yarn leftover to make tassels!


  7. I absolutely love how yours turned out however I had a really hard time with this pattern! I could not get my line to stay straight along he bottom. I tried adding clusters and it curved up and not adding clusters and it curved down. I torn it apart probably 12 times! Any ideas how to keep it straight!? I like the texture of this one better than any other pattern I’ve used!


  8. I LOVE this pattern! My first was a gift and I am currently making one for myself. Adding to my Raverly projects and am not finding you there. Do you have an account so I can link to pattern correctly? Thanks for awesome pattern.


    1. That’s awesome!! I don’t have this on Ravelry at the moment, but I probably should add it. You are welcome to tag my Instagram account if you are active on that platform though 😁 @strings.and.things


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