New name, new pattern, new contest!

It’s been a long wait and a lot of work, but I finally changed all of my social media accounts and business names over to Strings & Things! I am so excited to finally take this step; I just feel so much more satisfied with my business. You can read a few posts back about some of the issues I was having with my old business name, Timeless Treasures. Strings & Things just has this adorable ring to it and I can’t stop saying it.

In celebration of this name change, I wrote a pattern for my new favourite beanie, The Great Canadian Beanie.asdfsdfDSC_0401

I have recently fallen in love with crocheting hats as well as wearing them. I’ve never been much of a hat person, until I started having to wake up early again for university. It was so wonderful to crawl out of bed, quickly hop in the shower, blow dry my hair, and slip on a hat. No one would be the wiser that I was sporting a crazy mop of curls under my cozy beanie.


I spent countless hours searching through blogs, Pinterest, and pattern sites to find that one beanie that would be absolutely perfect. I found nothing. So I designed my own.

I wanted a beanie that would be textured enough that it would be unique, but would be made out of usually one colour of yarn. I’m big on statement colours and matching outfits, so multi-coloured items tend to make my outfit choices laboured in the morning. This was a simple fix! And pom poms are super cute, so that was a bonus too. I also loved the look of knitted hats, but found the took much longer than I wanted them to, so I incorporated a few techniques that give this hat a look of both crochet and knitting.


If you would like to try this pattern out for yourself, there are a few places you can find it:

My Craftsy Store

My Etsy Store

My Ravelry Store

Not a crocheter? I have a listing for a custom coloured Great Canadian Beanie available for sale in my Etsy shop!

In celebration of all of these new things, I am also hosting a contest right now with another talented Canadian artisan!

contest picture

I am still a little new to the whole Instagram scene, so Haven Yarn & Goods and I have teamed up to share this amazing contest. She was kind enough to supply some of her beautiful hand-dyed yarn so I could try my new pattern out with it. I can’t get enough of the gorgeous colour variation in this yarn! So pretty!

If you’d like to enter the contest, you can check out my Instagram account for more details, or search @strings.and.things or @havenyarn on Instagram if you are on your phone.

Check back in early February for a free pattern!





5 thoughts on “New name, new pattern, new contest!

  1. I love this hat. This is going to be my Winter hat. You see in my part of Australia, you start making something for the cold weather in Autumn, as it’s still likely to be 30 degrees for a while (Celsius) and by the time you finish your five weeks of WInter have just begun…barely enough time to make any other hats when you have a cowl and gloves to make as well!


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