New month, new beanie

It’s been a while. I have to say I’ve been in a bit of a yarn slump. To me, March is the beginning of Spring. Spring generally means the end of cold seasons, which means no more chunky squishy knits. Spring is so bittersweet for knitters and crocheters. Who doesn’t love chirping birds and budding flowers? But that means it is time to put a lot of my yarn away until later in the Summer when I start my Winter prep.

I thought I would end my season with a bang  and work out this pattern that I have had trapped in my brain for months. I was so busy this past Winter that I didn’t’ get around to writing up this pattern and it has just been eating away at me!


Texture. Faux fur. Mustard yellow. So much love going on in this picture right now.

This is seriously an easy pattern to work up. I was shocked how quickly it went as well. This faux fur pom pom was pre-made, but I have figured out how to make them by hand. I’ll be writing up a tutorial for that in the next week or so.

Before I release the pattern I am going to work up a scale in a few different sizes: baby, toddler, teen, and adult. This beanie has the perfect amount of stretch. I made it to fit my own head which is your average 20-21 inch circumference women’s head, and I managed to get it comfortably on my boyfriend who has a giant 23 inch head. Super versatile.

Go to your favourite fabric store. Grab about a 7 inch strip of faux fur. Head over to a craft store and grab one skein of your favourite worsted yarn. That is pretty much all you need!


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