Marvel Square #8 – Scarlet Witch

Hello again, and happy December! Wow, we’ve made it almost to the end of 2016. I usually lose track of time this time of year. I’ve had a running “to-do” list since about the beginning of November with “Finish Marvel Squares” on there, and all of a sudden, woah it’s December.

Thankfully, I have them all prepared and ready to go! I am determined to have these prepared and posted for all of you wonderful crocheters BEFORE Christmas. So without further adieu, here is the 8th square: The Scarlet Witch.


I really like the way this one turned out! It kind of looks like an M, but it’s supposed to be a silhouette outline of what her helmet looks like. The colour scheme was a bit tricky to figure out. Most of her costumes from the comic books have quite a strange collection of shades of red, burgundy, and pink in them. I didn’t think pink would fit too nicely with the rest of the blanket squares, but maybe that’s just my own general aversion to pink. So I decided to stick with a dark burgundy and a nice red. Of course if you think pink is amazing, throw some pink in there!

The grid has the letter B for burgundy and R for red. Pretty obvious. Please feel free to switch colours around, just remember to change your own grid and legend so you don’t accidentally switch things around. Again, I always suggest printing out the grid so you can cross each box off as you complete it in the square. This helps me keep track of my progress, especially if I have to set the square down for a while.


Good luck with this square! I am loving seeing everyone’s progress on this blanket and each individual square. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #marvelgraphghan if you post on Instagram or Facebook, and make sure you tag @strings.and.things so I can marvel at your beautiful work! Like that pun?


9 thoughts on “Marvel Square #8 – Scarlet Witch

  1. I know you’be been super busy, but you’be said in the past a gentle reminder is needed from time to time. Are we going to finish this awesome project? And you mentioned before a border as well?
    Thanks in advance, and your bunnies are super cute!


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