Free Knitting Pattern – The Highly Requested ‘Double Brim Beanie’

Strings & Things is back with another free knitting pattern. Read through her latest post to learn how to knit the Double Brim Beanie, a highly requested pattern! This is a beginner knitting pattern. The instructions include different yarn and needle combinations so you can use almost any yarn available in your stash!


New Year, New Projects, New Patterns!

2017, it's nice to meet you. So far my new year has been wonderfully lazy. Yesterday I had breakfast for every single meal. Today I am still lounging in pajamas as I try to get a little bit of work done. I go back to my teaching job tomorrow and I don't have to go … Continue reading New Year, New Projects, New Patterns!

Hello, September

For me, the beginning of the year starts in September. As a student and a dance teacher, everything starts again this month. After having July and August off from working and homework, September can be a bit of a stressful adjustment. Next week I will have my "last" first day of the year of university … Continue reading Hello, September

Free Knitting Pattern – Brioche Head Wrap

Hello again, back with a free pattern! I call this the Brioche Head Wrap. Honestly, I am not entirely sure what "brioche" means other than that it is the name of the stitch that is used and I believe it is French. I just love the way it sounds! This pattern is super easy and … Continue reading Free Knitting Pattern – Brioche Head Wrap