Marvel C2C Graphghan Square #2

Hello again!

I hope you all enjoyed the first square of my Marvel Graphghan, Iron Man (a personal favourite of mine). I’m still on a bit of a Civil War hype, so I’m going to run with it. Square #2 of the blanket will be Captain America’s Shield!

Captain American Square

I wasn’t totally sure how I wanted to tackle this one. At first I wanted each square to be each characters face. That worried me a little, as some of the characters are extremely detailed. I’ve changed things up a little and now I will be trying my best to “pixelize” the most memorable aspect of each character. So Captain America gets to show off his shield for his square.

Again, this grid is 20×20. Make sure you use the same hook as you did the first graph, as well as a similar weight of yarn! You want the squares to look like they are made from the same material. Some yarns are extremely glossy, some are a little fuzzier, some are even quite coarse. Pick one and stay with it! I would recommend any worsted weight yarn, such as Red Heart or even Vanna’s Choice. While the two yarns are different brands and makes, they look very similar.

To start, make sure you have your size H/8-5.00 mm hook, some scissors, a yarn needle, and red, blue, and white yarn! Print off this grid so you can tick off each square as you complete it to make sure you don’t miss one and lose the pattern:

Captain America Grid

PLEASE NOTE: This is the proper grid as of May 22nd, 2016. I missed one row by mistake while creating the grid, but I have adjusted it to be the proper 20×20 grid.

I’ve left the white squares in a black font so they are visible on the grid. Just keep that in mind as you are working!

For those of you who are just joining in now, thanks for being here! The very first square of the blanket was Iron Man’s helmet. I’ve got the grid and pixel images available in a previous blog post!

I got my inspiration a little late for this project and I started planning before I actually had a chance to sit down at test the grids. I said I would have the Iron Man square ready for viewing by the time I had the next grid available, so here is a bit of it! My summer semester has started back up again, so I am a little slow with my hook lately, but I’m going to catch up over the long weekend (at least that’s the plan).


My goal is to create at least one new grid/pattern for you to follow every week, even if I am unable to keep the same schedule. I have decided that there will be 9 squares in total, along with an extended boarder on the top and bottom of the blanket, as well as a finishing edge for the entire piece.

And the 9 characters being used are (drum roll please):

  • Week 1: Iron Man

  • Week 2: Captain America

  • Week 3: The Hulk

  • Week 4: Black Widow

  • Week 5: Thor

  • Week 6: Hawkeye

  • Week 7: Falcon

  • Week 8: Scarlet Witch

  • Week 9: Vision

As you can see, this is a mix between the characters involved in all of the movies from the Marvel universe that is being depicted on screen right now, and in recent years. There are so many members of the Avengers that I thought it would be best to just keep a mix of the ones that people are more likely to know.

Each pattern will still be coming out one per week, but now at least you know what you’ve got to look forward to!

If you are new to C2C graphghans, they are seriously worth learning! Check out this super helpful tutorial by Repeat Crafter Me. She shows you how to increase, decrease, as well as change colours, all of which you need to know how to do to complete this square!

Find me on Instagram and Facebook to follow my progress on my Marvel graphghan and other projects!


9 thoughts on “Marvel C2C Graphghan Square #2

  1. The square is 19 x 20. I only noticed it now that halfway through it, so I’m just going to add a row of blue to the top. But it may be better if people who haven’t started the square to add a row in the middle.


    1. Good call! I’ll have to double check my pattern, it’s possible that part of the grid isn’t actually showing up, so I’ll figure that out and let you know if anything is changed. Thanks for catching that πŸ™‚


      1. Cool, thanks for fixing it! It worked out great. Just weaving in my ends. I’ll post pics of my 2 finished squares when I’m done. Looking forward to the next Square!


  2. It’s coming tomorrow! I apologize for me taking so long, but my school schedule is packed right now and that needs to come first. Square #3 will be up tomorrow and Square #4 should come during the middle of next week!


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