Update on Marvel Graphghan

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the third square in the Marvel Graphghan, I have good news! It has been designed, tested, and will be posted tomorrow.

While I only have time for a short post tonight, I’d still like to share the small progress I have made with my own blanket squares. This is my second time ever attempting making a graphghan and following the techniques of strange colour changes and working corner to corner, rather than side to side. There is definitely a learning curve involved in this. I have finally discovered how to change colours so that I don’t have a million ends to weave in afterwards (the first square took forever). I have also gotten better at designing pixel graphs. Not sure if that is actually a useful skill or not yet…

I am getting more and more excited to plan out the rest of this blanket. My month of June is turning out to be quite hectic already, but I am about to be swarmed with free time. Oh the joys of being a dance teacher! As much as I love having most of my summer off, it does get a little boring at times.

I am hoping to get back to my, as promised, one square per week schedule. For now, here is a little update on my own squares that I have made following the posted grids. I am so excited to see how they all look once they are sewn together!


I love seeing graphghans when they aren’t totally finished. It just gives you a better idea of how the picture is actually working up. And also they make me feel like I am actually making something.


I thought the Captain American square would be really easy, but I think it was actually more frustrating than the Iron Man square. There were so many ends to weave in, and it needs to be blocked desperately because the whole thing looks crooked to me, but the final product was worth it.

I promise tomorrow there will be a new square!


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