Square #3 of the Marvel Graphghan

After a bit of a wait, I finally have the third square ready! It’s the weapon of choice for everyone’s favourite Norse God, Thor’s Hammer.

Thors Hammer Pixel

We are mixing things up a little with this square by adding some burgundy and more muted tones. I want this blanket to just be a rainbow of colours once it’s completed. I wanted to make this square a little darker just to give my eyes a break. After staring at bright blue, red, and yellow for so long I needed to dive back into my comfort zone of darker shades, browns, and grays.

I’m going to be using Michaels brand Loops N Threads yarn in Burgundy for the background as it is one of the truest burgundies I have been able to find. If you know of other shades that work well, please let me know in the comments! Finding two totally different shades of gray may be tricky. You will just likely have to shop between different brands of yarn to get the results.

Print off the following grid before you get started. I like to cross off the boxes as I go so I don’t loose my place.

Thors Hammer Grid

The colour legend is as follows:

B – Brown

R – Burgundy (Red)

G – Dark Gray

L – Light Gray

Hopefully this will help to clear things up. If you get confused, just refer back to the pixel image posted at the top of this post.

It’s my goal to get this square done within a few days so I can prepare and post the next one for you all next week. Who’s working through this crochet-along with me? Use the hashtag #marvelgraphghan on Instagram so I can see your progress!

For those of you who are joining in now, the first square was Iron Man and the second square was Captain America! These squares work up really quickly, so you’re never too late to join in.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with yarn and relaxation!

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