Help Fund-raise to Fight the Fires in British Columbia

I’ve got something close to home to talk about today. Summer is a difficult time for most of Canada. We are fortunate enough to have so many different types of climates in our country, but the summer takes a toll on the more barren and desert-like areas.

Right now there are hundreds of forest fires burning throughout British Columbia and parts of Alberta. So many thousands of families have been displaced and have even had their homes destroyed.

We need to band together in this time of need. We need to stand strong and help each other in every way we can.

For the entire month of August I will be donating 80% of the sales of my most popular crochet pattern to the Canadian Red Cross. I know this isn’t a very large amount, but together we might be able to make a small difference.

One thing that I love about Canada is our desire to support each other. Canadians are such a tightly-knit group of people. Nothing can stand in our way if we are all able to work together to get through tough times such as these.


“The Great Canadian Beanie” made in Caron Cakes in the colourway “Cake Pop”
Share this picture with your friends who crochet and let them know about the fundraiser that I am organizing. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make a sizable donation! I love my yarn community and I hope that we can work together to help support the Canadian Red Cross (and learn some crochet tips and tricks together).

You can purchase the Great Canadian Beanie pattern for $5.00 CAD in my Etsy shop and Ravelry page.

Reach out to me through Facebook and Instagram so I can see your progress on your Great Canadian Beanies!

Happy crocheting! xo


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