The Mountains Are Calling and so Is This Toque

Can you tell fall is just around the corner? I can’t.

The weather where I live has been atrociously warm. In fact, today we broke a 66-year temperature record, which is insane. The forest fires in the northern regions of my province have been sending so much smoke to the Fraser Valley that is has been making the air outside thick and muggy.

My allergies are really not enjoying the outdoors right now.

Even though you’d never know that summer is almost over and that in a few short weeks it will indeed be autumn, I decided to write a new toque pattern anyways! I am thrilled with how this toque turned out. The blends of different textures, the organized structure of the pattern, and of course the versatility are all perfect for fall.

When I design patterns, I try to design them practically. I want the products made from the patterns to be useful, and I want them to last. There is nothing worse than buying a new pattern and following the instructions, only to find out that the fabric you created will stretch out after one use, or that it is actually really awkward to wear.

cheam pattern

The Cheam Toque crochet pattern was designed with outdoor activity in mind. I really enjoy hiking in the fall and winter months, and I wanted to design a toque that would be rugged and comfortable enough that I would be able to throw it on and forget about it.

The band has a lot of elasticity, so you will never have to worry about stretching out the toque and having it one day be far too loose. The “body” of the toque is a more generous fit. It’s not so slouchy that you will look like a hippy, but it’s not a particularly tight fitting beanie.


I wanted this toque to take care of its owner by maximizing warmth and breathability. The puff stitches provide small openings to let out any warm evaporating moisture from outdoor activity, while the tighter crochet stitches will provide you with protection from wind and rain.

This pattern can easily be made in cotton, acrylic, or wool yarns (or blends of all three). Depending on your plans for the toque, you can easily choose if you want to focus on durability (100% wool), fashion (acrylic blends), or comfort (cotton and high-quality wool). The possibilities are endless.

I made two test toques out of different Lion Brand Yarns. The first one I made was out of a new Heartland colourway. The slouch was so perfect and relaxed, and the colour options were breathtaking.


The second toque I made was from Lion Brand Scarfie. The subtle fade from light gray to mint is so classic and versatile. I can’t wait to wear both of them when the weather finally cools down.


I have yet to fasten a pom pom to one of these toques, but it’s definitely on my to-do list. Maybe one of my fellow crocheters can beat me to the task so we can all see what it will look like!

The Cheam Toque is available in my Etsy Shop and my Ravelry Shop for those of you who are avid Ravelry users.

Let me know if you try crocheting this toque! I’d love to see your design choices. Use the hashtag #TheCheamToque and tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can creep your beautiful handiwork.

Don’t forget to make some time for yourself this upcoming “yarn season”. Yes, make things for your family and friends, and fill your orders, but make yourself a little something special, too.


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