New Crochet Pattern – The Perfect Rectangular Basket

Happy Sunday everyone! I have a new pattern for you, finally! Introducing The Perfect Rectangular Basket.

I had some truly lovely crocheters help me test this pattern a few weeks ago and, as life would have it, I fell behind on my end of the process. Other life things got in the way and I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and finalize the pattern details. Thankfully this past weekend I saved a few hours to wrap it all together.

I am so happy with how this pattern turned out. I’ve been really interested in the “handmade home” movement lately, so I decided to participate. As much as I love browsing through home decor stores, I find them to be really expensive. One day I just realized that I have the skills and abilities to create the things I fawn over at these home stores, so I made my own basket.

Picture by: @ilefernandez

This basket is so easy to make! I think in total, and on average from my pattern testers reports, it took about 3 hours from start to finish. The basket is also made in more-or-less one piece. You start with the base of the basket first, then work each side individually off of the base. So you’ll have a strange shape by the time you are done crocheting, but not for long!

Seaming is super easy. No fancy stitches are required. You literally just weave the yarn back and forth through two edges to create a nice sturdy join. Because I chose to use fabric yarn for this project, you can actually complete the seaming process with your fingers. No giant tapestry needle required!

I chose to use Hoooked Zpagetti yarn for my basket. A wonderful local yarn store, Trendy or What Knot, in Mission, British Columbia, always has a huge stock of this yarn. You can also always order it directly from the manufacturer website. I believe there are a few other yarn brands that create fabric yarn. I know the Lion Brand Fettucini yarn is amazing as well.

One of my pattern testers actually used 4 strands of acrylic yarn held together to create the same thickness of yarn, and she said it worked really well for her. Experiment and see what happens!

Picture by: Kim C.

There are also notes in the pattern that describe how you can easily adjust the dimensions of this basket. Want something shorter or maybe not quite as wide? It’s a super easy adjustment! Another one of my testers attempted making a mini version of the basket and did it successfully (and adorably) on the first try.

Currently you can only purchase this pattern in my Ravelry store and directly through my website. I’m participating in the #EtsyStrike right now, so normally it would be listed there. It might be in a few weeks. I haven’t decided yet.

Let me know if you try the pattern by emailing me, commenting here, or tagging me in your work on Instagram! I love seeing your renditions of my patterns.

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