Sustainable Living | Reusable Cotton Rounds

It’s time to make some changes in our lives. Sustainable living is easier than you’d think! All it takes is making small replacements, one at a time.

The first swap I made a few years ago was always carrying a water bottle around with me. I know plastic water bottles are able to be recycled, but my purchasing power increasing the amount of plastic out in the world.

Slowly but surely I continued to make more changes. I stopped buying plastic sandwich bags and started making a bigger effort to use my reusable glass containers. The next thing to go was plastic cling wrap. I have been faithfully using Abeego wraps for over a year now! (Trust me, if you haven’t tried them yet they are a game changer!!) I also swapped over entirely to reusable bags and produce bags! I had purchased a few over time but I would always forget about them. I started carrying an emergency one in my purse all the time and it really helped me make the transition.

It’s all about breaking bad habits and making new positive changes.


One of the hardest things I have replacing are bathroom products. Q-tips, cotton pads, toilet paper?! Don’t even get me started on reusable toilet paper.. I don’t know if I will ever be ready to make that leap! But these are the products that we use the most often and the most frequently. I use at least 2 cotton pads every single day and they both get thrown in the trash. That’s hundreds of pads every single year.

I’d been wracking my brain trying to think of what I could do to reduce how many of these cotton pads I used. Could I reuse one? Could I rip them in half? Nothing seemed to come to mind.

Finally I realized.. why couldn’t I make something similar to a face cloth, but just small and round? We reuse our facial towels for years just by simply washing them. I have hand-crocheted dish cloths that have been in heavy rotation for upwards of 5 years! Why couldn’t I have the same thing for my face?

Reusable Cotton Facial Pads

I found the most lovely yarn while vising the Stash Lounge in Calgary by Scheepjes. It’s fine cotton/acrylic yarn blend, super soft, and comes in tons of beautiful colour options! Immediately, I knew this was the perfect yarn for the idea I had looming in the back of my mind.


After a little bit of trial and error, I think I found the perfect method and stitch combination to make plush, absorbent, reusable facial rounds! I made a few for myself to test through a few washes to make sure they were worth everyone else’s interest. I’d say they passed the test!

I have sent my reusable cotton rounds through the wash several times now and they just get softer and softer. The beautiful pastel shades have stayed true, and they are still just as absorbent as when they were first used. I will never go back to the single-use pads again. They disintegrate after being used too much, they are thing and not overly good at holding product, and above all they are a huge waste of money and add to the amount of waste we produce!

I don’t have a pattern available for these yet, but I do have them available for sale in packs of 5 and 7! I thought these were the perfect quantities, for those of us who only need a product like this for week days, or if you have makeup to remove every day of the week!

Untitled design

These can be used in a variety of different ways. I love using them to help remove my old nail polish, tone my face, and remove my eye make up. Of course not all in the same go! But I will definitely double up using one pad twice per day, in the morning and night, just to help make them last a little longer for me.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to make the switch and ditch single use cotton facial rounds! Shop with the links below! And the best part of all, these ship FOR FREE world wide!

Pack of 5 Reusable Cotton Face Rounds:

Pack of 7 Reusable Cotton Face Rounds:




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