Fellow knitters and crocheters, I need your help.

I've mentioned on other posts how difficult this time of year is for me. It is now March! Spring break is upon us in British Columbia, which hopefully means the weather will begin to grow nicer (still waiting for that part). I have a hard time cuddling up with my chunky yarns and thick needles … Continue reading Fellow knitters and crocheters, I need your help.

New pattern released!

Finally, I've got this pattern written down. One of my worst habits as a knitter/crocheter is that I routinely make up patterns and never write them down, so I can never go back to them. I actually took the time with this pattern to test and size 6 different sizes! I have named this beanie … Continue reading New pattern released!

New month, new beanie

It's been a while. I have to say I've been in a bit of a yarn slump. To me, March is the beginning of Spring. Spring generally means the end of cold seasons, which means no more chunky squishy knits. Spring is so bittersweet for knitters and crocheters. Who doesn't love chirping birds and budding … Continue reading New month, new beanie

Chunky Puff Stitch Cowl – Free Pattern

I am back with another free pattern! This is actually so easy it's sad to believe I only came up with it now. I've never understood why some pattern designers try to sell patterns that are so easy. I personally don't think it is fair. This pattern took me maybe 10 minutes to figure out … Continue reading Chunky Puff Stitch Cowl – Free Pattern

New name, new pattern, new contest!

It's been a long wait and a lot of work, but I finally changed all of my social media accounts and business names over to Strings & Things! I am so excited to finally take this step; I just feel so much more satisfied with my business. You can read a few posts back about … Continue reading New name, new pattern, new contest!

Free Printable Washing Instructions for Knitwear!

Washing Labels

I recently filled a large wholesale order for a local business and one of my requirements was to have proper packaging and washing instructions, as my items were all wearable accessories. This was a little scary as I barely know how to properly do laundry. Those little washing symbols are an alien language in my … Continue reading Free Printable Washing Instructions for Knitwear!

Chubby Amigurumi Kitty Pattern!

Happy Sunday! I have a small story to share today, and this is especially geared towards those of you with online stores or artisans who specialize in handmade items. Always take custom orders! I know they can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Every now and then though, you do come across a gem … Continue reading Chubby Amigurumi Kitty Pattern!

Free Crochet Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit Pattern

In celebration of Labour Day, I have decided to release a free pattern! Last Easter I was searching for a cute rabbit pattern, but wasn't having much luck. After much digging I came across a super cute pattern, except it wasn't written in English. So after a few hours of trying to translate, testing the … Continue reading Free Crochet Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit Pattern