Marvel Graphghan Square #5 – Black Widow

I'm back with everyone's favourite female assassin, Black Widow! This is a super easy grid and will be a nice break from all of the crazy colour changes we have been doing with graphghan squares in the past. Only two colours are involved in this one (can you guess?) and there should be very few … Continue reading Marvel Graphghan Square #5 – Black Widow


Perfect Puff Stitch Hexagons – Free Pattern!

I have a love-hate relationship with custom orders. They are a fantastic opportunity to try out new patterns and learn new techniques. They are a pain from a business standpoint as they usually take longer to complete due to the learning component of a new pattern. This makes my profit margin quite low if I … Continue reading Perfect Puff Stitch Hexagons – Free Pattern!

Marvel Graphghan Square #4 – The Incredible Hulk

This minimalist Hulk pattern I've made up is a little more cute than incredible. He doesn't look quite as fearsome as I was going for, but it's hard to work with only 20x20 pixels! I tried to stick as close as I possibly could to the traditional feel of the Hulk. Angry face. Black hair. … Continue reading Marvel Graphghan Square #4 – The Incredible Hulk

Square #3 of the Marvel Graphghan

After a bit of a wait, I finally have the third square ready! It's the weapon of choice for everyone's favourite Norse God, Thor's Hammer. We are mixing things up a little with this square by adding some burgundy and more muted tones. I want this blanket to just be a rainbow of colours once … Continue reading Square #3 of the Marvel Graphghan

Marvel C2C Graphghan Square #2

Hello again! I hope you all enjoyed the first square of my Marvel Graphghan, Iron Man (a personal favourite of mine). I'm still on a bit of a Civil War hype, so I'm going to run with it. Square #2 of the blanket will be Captain America's Shield! I wasn't totally sure how I wanted … Continue reading Marvel C2C Graphghan Square #2

Marvel + Yarn = Happiness

Hello everyone! I am starting something very special today, something I have been planning out for a long time. It seems fitting, what with Civil War coming out today for early viewings, to share this after so much planning. I've been in love with anything super hero and/or comic book related for a good chunk … Continue reading Marvel + Yarn = Happiness

Chunky Puff Stitch Cowl – Free Pattern

I am back with another free pattern! This is actually so easy it's sad to believe I only came up with it now. I've never understood why some pattern designers try to sell patterns that are so easy. I personally don't think it is fair. This pattern took me maybe 10 minutes to figure out … Continue reading Chunky Puff Stitch Cowl – Free Pattern

Free Knitting Pattern – Brioche Head Wrap

Hello again, back with a free pattern! I call this the Brioche Head Wrap. Honestly, I am not entirely sure what "brioche" means other than that it is the name of the stitch that is used and I believe it is French. I just love the way it sounds! This pattern is super easy and … Continue reading Free Knitting Pattern – Brioche Head Wrap

Free Crochet Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit Pattern

In celebration of Labour Day, I have decided to release a free pattern! Last Easter I was searching for a cute rabbit pattern, but wasn't having much luck. After much digging I came across a super cute pattern, except it wasn't written in English. So after a few hours of trying to translate, testing the … Continue reading Free Crochet Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit Pattern